Fine Arts

Performing Arts


Theater and drama do much more than get you onto the stage. From major productions to one-act plays, these performances enhance your individual theatrical and musical talents, challenge you to refine public speaking skills, and engage all types of students, with opportunities ranging from lead actor to technical crew members.

— Julia G. ’21

“[The performing arts] have definitely helped me grow out of my shell as a person and helped me make many new friends along the way.”

Music Studies

Foxcroft has a rich musical heritage that dates back to the early days of the boarding high school for girls and continues to this day. The Fine Arts Department offers students a full range of musical opportunities, including lessons, performances, and adjudicated events as well as a high level of personal attention. Each semester, there are several performance opportunities for singers and Instrumentalists, as well as student-run club offerings, all of which provide a thorough musical foundation and the chance to share the joy of music with friends and with the larger community.

— Scarlett D. ’21

“Piano is really important to me, and Foxcroft created an environment for me to explore my interest. There are pianos in [several locations] so I can practice every day.”

Year-Round Options for Students

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  • PIano & Voice Lessons

    The school has resident teachers of piano and voice. This allows the students to take either piano or voice lessons during the academic day. Lessons can be taken for enrichment or for academic credit. If taken for credit the student must receive 14 lessons in the fall and 16 in winter/spring. Students taking music for credit must perform in two student recitals (December and May). If lessons are taken for fun, Foxcroft provides some flexibility, including electing to take lessons every other week.
  • Other Musical Instruments

    Foxcroft enjoys musical partnerships with area arts programs. Any student attending Foxcroft can study the instrument of their passion even if we don’t have a resident teacher. To this end, Foxcroft has partnered with The Community Music School of the Piedmont in Upperville, VA. Their highly qualified teachers specialize in working with students of varying levels on a wide range of musical styles.

    This collaboration will further support the musical needs of the school community and talents of each individual girl. Parents are encouraged to contact the school to setup lessons for their daughter(s). If the student is a boarder, Foxcroft can provide transportation for a nominal fee. Please click on the link for further information:
  • Acapella Club

    Acapella Club is a student-run group in which girls gather to sing acapella (without accompaniment) in two, three, and four part harmony. The music is chosen by the group and varies in style and variety. All voices are welcome; however, there are auditions held to determine the voice type of each member.

    The Acapella Club meets once a week and has performed in Morning Meetings, Fall Parents’ Weekend revues, and the annual Christmas Pageant.

Performance Opportunities

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  • Foxcroft Chorale

    This class meets in the evening and is open to all students who enjoy music and would like to develop skills in singing two- to four-part choral pieces. Musical selections include a wide range in style and variety. The Chorale traditionally performs at the Parents’ Weekend Show, the Lessons and Carols Service, Christmas Pageant, the Mainstage Musical, Spring Concert, and Baccalaureate. Chorale may also attend the State Choral Festival and occasionally travel into the community for local performances.
  • Ashburn Youth Symphonic Orchestras

    Foxcroft students who are interested in playing with an ensemble may choose to audition for the Ashburn Youth Symphonic Orchestras (AYSO), an educational and performance program, which is open to young musicians from ages 5 to 19. Its mission is to combine and strengthen the abilities of orchestra and band students and offer them an opportunity to create beautiful music in a new setting: a symphony orchestra!

    The 2017-2018 season consists of three concert sessions. Students may register per concert session and are encouraged to participate in all three. New student auditions will be held at the beginning of each concert session, depending on positions available in each orchestra. Placement auditions requirement: two to three minute prepared solo demonstrating the student's level of proficiency in the instrument (it may be an orchestra or band excerpt) and sight-reading.

    To register for the orchestras, please see Karin Thorndike to sign up and arrange for an audition. For more information about the AYSO, please visit their website.
  • Jam Session

    This club meets once a week and is open to all students who enjoy music and would like to develop skill in playing in an ensemble. Musical selections vary in style and variety, including pop, country, folk, and rock. Club members also write their own songs for performance. Students of all skill levels are welcome. The club typically performs at open mic events, Morning Meetings, and occasionally in the Middleburg community.

    Jam session is a faculty-guided organization.
  • Instrumental Music Club

    Instrumental Music Club (IMM) is a student-run group in which girls who play any type of instrument (voice included), and play any style of music can get together to play classical, jazz, rock, and country. The main goal of this strong and active club is for students to work together to create music and to share it with Foxcroft and the Middleburg community.

    In previous years, IMM has performed in street shows in Middleburg, participated in multiple school events, and given concerts to local organizations such as the Middleburg Baptist Church and the Spring Arbor Nursing Home. This year, the club plans to continue to learn and improve as musicians, to reach out to the community, and to have a lot of fun.

Facilities & Accommodations

There are several practice rooms available in Schoolhouse during and after the academic day and on weekends. The spaces available are FoxHound Auditorium, the music room, and both first floor classrooms in Schoolhouse. Practice can also be held in the game room and the dance studio in activities when these spaces are available. Students have access to two 1937 Steinway “B” concert grand pianos, digital keyboards, drums, guitars (electric and acoustic), amplifiers, music stands, and many other items required to practice and play for enjoyment. Students who bring their instruments to Foxcroft can keep them in their rooms if they are small enough, or store them in the music room in Schoolhouse.

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  • A Capella Singing Club

  • Music Lessons

  • Private Voice Instruction

  • Jam Sessions

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