Living our motto: mens sana in corpore sano (a healthy mind in a healthy body)

What is Wellness?

Foxcroft embraces the definition of Wellness as adopted by the National Wellness Institute. Wellness is an active process through which people become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence.

— Meghen Tuttle, Ph.D., Wellness Coordinator

“At Foxcroft, we take a holistic approach to Wellness, focusing on both mind and body so that wellbeing is supported in all areas of our girls' lives.”

Our Approach

Tailored to Our Girls

Foxcroft girls participate in the Independent School Health Check (ISHC) survey, which is based largely on the Youth Behavior Risk Survey that is administered by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. In addition to using portions of the ISHC survey data that provide specific information about the needs of independent school student populations and to help us develop Foxcroft’s Wellness curriculum, the survey results also allow us to benchmark our efforts in measuring the success of our curriculum over time.

Innovative Curriculum

Through an innovative curriculum that is founded on research-based information about girls and the challenges they face, you will engage in age-appropriate conversations and special-topic seminars designed to educate you about the external factors that both contribute to long-term well-being and help you be successful right now, while in high school.

Wellness Education for Today's Girl

This is not your mother’s health class. At Foxcroft we are experts on girls’ emotional and physical development, and our comprehensive Wellness curriculum supports and celebrates each phase of your growth. Throughout your time at our school, you will gain an understanding of what it means to live “well” through a variety of seminars and workshops, on such relevant topics facilitated by Foxcroft faculty as well as experts from the community.

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  • 9th Grade Focus

    At this stage, girls are often concerned about such issues as body image and self esteem. These topics are covered in addition to healthy relationships, nutrition, sleep, and the benefits of meditation and mindfulness practices to reduce stress. We even talk about homesickness. In addition, our ninth graders take a Digital Literacy class, which introduces students to online research, different applications, responsible use of social media, cyber safety, and effective digital communication skills.
  • 10th Grade Focus

    Foxcroft sophomores attend Wellness seminars which build on key topics from the freshmen experience, including female anatomy and reproductive health and alcohol and drug education. In addition, they begin our three-year curriculum in financial literacy program. Sophomores learn about personal finances, knowledge that helps them grow life-long financial wellness.
  • 11th & 12th Grade Focus

    For juniors and seniors, the Wellness Program focus is on key subjects that help girls transition to college, such as personal safety and stress and time management. They also continue with financial literacy curriculum, learning about investments, loans, taxes and philanthropy.

    Girls continue to build their cultural competencies and to develop practical life skills in their various leadership roles. For example, our dorm leaders facilitate dorm meetings where they share and reinforce self-care strategies for developing healthy friendships, self-advocacy, navigating conflict, and managing life’s stressors. All of our dorm leaders are trained in peer counseling before they choose to focus on leadership in one of three socio-emotional realms: peer mediation and conflict resolution, international ambassadorship, and diversity and inclusion.

— Roxy C. '19

“Every night I would work until midnight. I realized it’s pretty bad for my health and it really would influence my study quality the next day. Now, I try to get to bed by a certain time and get up a little earlier if I need to.”
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